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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


As a service provider that develops and/or hosts websites for hotels or other operations managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts ("Interstate") or its subsidiaries and affiliates, there are requirements pertaining to the posting of Terms of Use and a Privacy Statement that you are required to meet. This Standard lists those requirements.


A link to the website Terms of Use is required to be posted on the home page. The text for the Terms of Use is provided in Appendix A. These terms of use may be updated by Interstate from time-to-time and you are required to post any updates as provided by Interstate on a timely basis.


As a matter of common practice, and in some cases as required by law (e.g., California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA ), any website that collects or displays personalinformation (also referred to as personal data or personally identifiable information) needs to contain a privacy statement (also referred to as a privacy notice or privacy policy) to explain to website users what personal information is collected, how it will be used and various other disclosures as outlined in this document. For clarity and for purposes of this document, "personal information" is defined as:
Field level data which is linked or linkable, either alone or in combination, to an identified or identifiable individual. Personal Information includes identifying information such as person's name or email address. It also includes other data elements, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, device identifiers, loyalty card number or any other unique identifier.

The privacy statement will have disclosures that address the following:

  • Effective date
  • Scope (e.g., applicable to the website only)
  • Changes and Updates to the Privacy Statement
  • Personal Information We Request from You
  • Other Types of Information We Collect (e.g., log information, cookies, pixel tags, the use of other tracking technologies to gather personal data or track a user's actions on the website or on other websites, do not track ("DNT") responses, third party advertising cookies)
  • Use of Personal Information
  • Retention and Deletion of Personal Information
  • Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information (e.g., including sharing with law enforcement or others in the event of a valid subpoena or court order)
  • Accuracy and Completeness of Your Information
  • Access to ability to Correct or Delete Your Information
  • Third Party Sites (e.g., links to third party sites from the websites are not covered by the privacy statement)
  • Children Under the Age of 13 (e.g., the website is not intended for children under the age of 13)
  • Security of Information
  • California Privacy Rights
  • International Users
  • Monitoring and Enforcement
A link to the privacy statement needs to appear on the home page of the website and every page that collects or displays Personal Information. For website administration purposes it may be more efficient and is acceptable to just include the link in the footer of every web page.

Important Disclosure:

This Standard does not in any way constitute a legal opinion, interpretation of law, or legal advice. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any applicable legal requirements associated with website development and hosting services to hotels managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts or its subsidiaries and affiliates.